A downloadable CODE Bunny for Windows

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Hop into a futuristic world of bunnies to experience high speed 2D Action -- Now Available!

Use martial arts imbued with the power of Aethr to rip through enemies!

Artwork by @kansokushaaa


  • Take the battle to the air with the Ghost Crescent! Fly into enemies to cut them down as Hazel!
  • Collect Karma by defeating enemies! - Hazel's attacks become stronger, but she becomes more vulnerable to damage!
  • Beat down chains of enemies with the Comet Arts! - skills you can learn and master from the get go as Axel!
  • Master the power of Aethr! - Axel can collect Energy from enemies to fuel offensive and defensive arts!
  • Traverse Unique futuristic Levels with alternate routes. Replay stages to find the best path to get a high score!
  • Fight tough bosses where you'll need to use your arsenal to its fullest!
  • Listen to an amazing chiptune soundtrack made entirely in FamiTracker!
  • Meet lots of cute bunny people and chat with them about the world in the Talk room!

And more!!

Axel and Hazel are members of the VY Space Program. When the new enemy dubbed Mad Bunny threatens the project, they must fight, as they uncover a hidden conspiracy...


Axel is a young man working as a tester for the latest invention of Lagos Hyperbolics: The VY Unit. It's a special suit created for advanced space exploration, but it holds a mysterious power...

When Lumna's capital city was attacked, Axel volunteered to fight the attack off, even when the odds were drastically stacked against him.



A cunning warrior of the Xanadu Army. Hazel was assigned with supervising the VY Space Program for Lagos Hyperbolics, but Mad Bunny's attack meant she had to personally join the fight.

...However, she carries Karma from an incident in her past, directly affecting her fighting style, making her stronger while also more vulnerable.


In CODE Bunny, movement and combat are one and the same!

Both Axel and Hazel have powerful attacks in their arsenal that also help traverse stages by taking advantage of enemy formations! Zip through stages with the Spin Attack and the Ghost Crescent!

Release Aethr!

Axel and Hazel are equipped with awesome melee skills ready to take down all sorts of enemies!


Axel is a former ice skater, so he always moves gracefully and quickly, performing twirls and stunts around enemies!

Use the Spin Attack

 to bounce off enemies back and forth!

Gather EX Points

from your Spin Attack to gain access to Comet Arts!

The Aethr Barrier

protects you from damage as long as you have EX Points!

The VY-02

Hazel is a powerful soldier, ready to cut down enemies with her sword "Blood Rose". However, the sword bears a curse, turning the karma from defeating enemies into a creeping weakness that increases her damage taken.

Mark Enemies with your Arrows...

...and cut them down with the Ghost Crescent!

Shatter Point

will protect her from being defeated unless her HP is down to 1!


incoming enemies, and deliver a devastating counterattack!

Back at Headquarters...

Hang Out

With the crew of the VY Space Program at the Lagos Hyperbolics HQ!

Make use of the Talk Room to enjoy casual conversations between Axel, Hazel, Raphi and Igusa!

CODE Bunny's Demo is available - HERE and at SAGE '23

Players can experience Axel and Hazel's adventure at Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2023, as they could in previous years, before the game's LAUNCH on September 22, 2023!

SAGE 2023

Find us on Twitter! @Lavie_Azure

Tudo sobre Twitter - História e Notícias - Canaltech

There's a lot more to expect from CODE Bunny! Stay tuned for more updates!


Q: "When will the game come out?"

A: The game is already out and can be purchased for $9.99.


Q: "Will the game be on Steam?"

A: We do plan on releasing the game on Steam on 2024.


Q: "Is the Soundtrack available anywhere?"

A: Yes, here: https://lavieazure.bandcamp.com/album/code-bunny-classic-edition-ost


Q: "Does the game have controller support?"

A: The game fully supports Xbox gamepads, but DualShock controllers need the game to run through your Steam library or with an external app, as of now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Female Protagonist, Indie, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Space


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Megaman: bunny edition

I was thinking the same haha

Can people who purchase now get a Steam key when that version is released?

Yes. We'll do it per request.

More details when the Steam version is announced.

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Possible glitch: Playing as Axel, there is a boss in a room full of clocks, and every time I beat it, the level would just start over. I wasn't sure if this was intentional or a glitch, so I quit the level, and then I saw the next level was available from the level select screen for some reason. I'm not sure how much I missed of the previous level/story, but I just moved on.

Good evening! The stage repeating itself isn't a glitch. The player is supposed to quit during the boss fight. We're investigating what's causing the final level to be unlocked as it's only supposed to unlock in Classic Mode or by quitting during Boss Fight.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The bug is now fixed. The next update will contain the fix.

any thoughts of releasing this on mobile ?

Really great mix of Mega Man and a tiny bit of Sonic.  Quite enjoyed the demo!

(1 edit)

Feels like a mix of Mega Man(mainly in part due to the awesome soundtrack) and 2D ULTRAKILL(perhaps a terrible analogy). Every level past 1 and 2 on my first few tries have shown my skill issue, but even then it's a really fun game.

Speaking of which, any plans to make the soundtrack available? Character select theme gets me pumped up.


Good morning! The soundtrack is available on Bandcamp:


(1 edit)

Onya, friend! Best add this link to the FAQ section the next time you edit the page/update the game so that people don't gotta scroll down to this comment to find the OST! :D

Hello, could you tell me where the save file is located please ? Thanks in advance.

In the Registry. We don't recommend save editing.

Thank you for your reply.

Actually I'm not trying to edit the save, I just like to make backups of the save files for all my games just in case something happens to my computer, but here I'm not sure if it's possible to make a copy directly from the registry :P

(1 edit)

We're sorry for the inconvenience! We plan on updating the game's save system in the future, as save backups are a topic that came up before.

(2 edits)

No problem, that's good to know ! Thank you again.

Does/Will this support pixel perfect scaling?

This game is just PERFECT, made with much love and you can see it playing

At some point will it be released for PS or Xbox? (⁠๑⁠•⁠﹏⁠•⁠)


Console ports aren't **planned** as of right now, but we definitely want to make that happen!

This game is amazing, I hope many people play it : ) 

I just finished the game, I really enjoyed it! Just engaging with the core movement with each character is *really* fun, like the feeling of momentum is fantastic.

I don't quite feel the same about the last two levels though.

The last two levels end up leaning a lil too hard on their gimmicks in a way that makes things feel on rails with the second to last level, and the last got a little too instant-kill deathtrap-y. In particular that last one felt like it forced you to go a lot slower and get a looooot more precise compared to the other levels where mistakes would just lead to longer routes. 

That said! I enjoyed my time with the game and as I said the general movement feels *amazing*. You've definitely got a follow, I'm really excited to see where you go from here! :D

CODE Bunny is a short and sweet game with addictive gameplay! Great and art design and a good story! I recommended it! Especially when it was my first itch.io game I bought! Check out my video on it!

Full Review: https://youtu.be/ZahNikX3FZ


Would you consider a physical DRM-free PC release? 🥹

Hi, i would like to contact you for a console publishing opportunity. Let me know how we can do.

Howdy, this looks great but wanted to double check if I purchase on here if a steam key will be included down the road when you eventually do release on steam?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Alright, second impressions time. I'm just gonna talk about Hazel since that's who I've been playing lately.

I'd really appreciate an advanced skill guide that covers intended speed tech. Wish I knew these when starting to learn to play fast. So far, I know these;

Midair ghost crescent to parry gives you a better speed boost than on the ground. 

The higher your karma, the quicker your normal attack cycles.

If you do a midair parry without ghost crescent, it gives you the largest speed boost, but does not give you a double jump.

There's this thing where if you time a no-crescent midair parry it can push you high up. You're meant to be ascending and moving towards the target but I rarely get it to work when I want it to. Maybe it could be adjusted that if you buffer up, you can always get it to work?

Now this is probably not intended (..or is it?): I've noticed that if you're falling and warp to your target, you seem to slow down initially until doublejump is activated.

Now, general skill balance.

Down attack isn't even covered in the basic skill guide for some reason. While it has a niche, it's not as useful as I hoped. Most of the layout is horizontal stretches, so it's often better to simply midair ghost crescent and doublejump, as the "extender" effect acts as an inferior doublejump. There's also that in boss combat, the bouncing makes it very awkward to link up your attacks, resulting in overall lower DPS.

Possible solution (s): If you hold jump, you still get the bounce but if you don't, it pierces through the target instead. And make the speed boost stack if you down attack a target after air-parrying them. Maybe a 0.5 speed boost multiplier so singular midair parries are still the fastest - but there's still incentive to combo. 

There's not much incentive to use the regular attack when ghost crescent + parry does more DPS and reach in the long run. And that can also give you S+!

Possible solution: Give regular attack more damage. I'd rather the combo not get nerfed so I don't feel an urge to down-patch. It probably already does more damage than crescent parry combo but the lack of utility, shots blocking, endlag and air reach gives little opportunity to use it. Also remove the slight push forward. I'm pretty sure casual players would appreciate these changes too.

Not balance but general gripes:

The way Raphi warps around the map randomly not attacking. It's not really a threat and even stalls time in casual play (and it's a pretty long boss!). You can't reach her or get damaged in this state so you're just standing there waiting for it to pass. If she was in a reachable state I'd probably tolerate this phase far more, but would also make casual play more engaging too.

Sorry for the wall of text.

I haven't replayed Axel but I'll probably give him a second chance sometime, now that I know more about how the combo system works and his full moveset.

(1 edit)

I accidentally discovered this game on twitter and tried the DEMO and was really looking forward to it. ( ๑´Д`๑)

The full game is already out! If you enjoyed the demo consider buying the full game

(1 edit)

I accidentally chose to give it as a gift when I purchased it.😂

Then I sent it to my own email address but didn’t receive the email.😂

Then, the computer hard drive that had been used for more than ten years ended today.😂

Oh, shoot! If you want, we can try to sort that out! My email address is at my itch.io page (not the CODE Bunny one)

OK, thanks

bnuuy game

These are amazing!! Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3 

Hi will this be available on Steam too?

We plan on releasing the game on Steam as soon as possible, but we can't provide a date at this moment.

Don't know if this is intended but I've noticed that at least with Hazel the answer to almost all troubles against bosses is to just spam GC in a very reckless fashion back and forth due to the iframes it seems to provide and this will actually be enough in terms of dps to even get S+ on all of them so no need to even bother stacking Karma which is kind of a bummer.
I also have to ask, is it possible to get Burst on the stages that unlock after beating the game or is vanilla S+ is the most you'll get due to their nature?

Burst is only obtainable through its original means, so it's not possible to obtain a Burst in a boss unless you get it in the level first. It's gotta be all in a single run!
GC DPS can be really high, but beating bosses becomes even faster if you use it in tandem with your other abilities.

can this be run on steam deck using proton? it's usually hit or miss with itch games but I like what I see enough to take a plunge without being steam approved. 

I believe it may be possible! Someone on Twitter managed to get the demo to work, so I believe it's very doable.

(3 edits) (+1)

Aight, just beat this with both characters. Contains alluding to spoilers so be warned!

Axel? Ehh, I like the movement but I'm not sure it works with platforming and combat that demands a lot of pin-pointing. I feel like his fighting against bosses and enemies is awkward and easily abusable with i-frames at the same time. Cute character tho. I'm not into classic Sonic much so take what I say here with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, I really enjoy the general gamefeel with Hazel. There's a certain kind of flow to it. I've strongly considered picking up speedrunning this game, but there's an elephant in the room...

The final platforming level.

 I'm someone who can enjoy hard levels but a lot of it feels plain unfair with the sheer amount of off-screen death traps, blind jumping and (also off screen!) enemies placed right below warp spawns.

There's an oversight near the start of it where if you come from the top, there's a straight up dead-end and the ladybugs won't spawn if you fall from there. It's a wide open space so...uhh good luck getting back to the left as Hazel with no enemies remaining.

In worst cases, the off-screen death traps can ruin the flow. Take the wall of death for example right after you fall through the floor warp. You can't see it in time and have to come to a screeching halt once you know it's there. It's designed against the normally high-speed, flowing gameplay.

There seriously needs to be a checkpoint right before the difficult platforming section, or at least made easier. As a seasoned 2D platformer player who got irritated and burnt out having to redo relatively easy platforming over and over, I dread to think how casual players will cope at all.

While I have bunches of unmentioned nitpicks, I'll settle with this for now. I know I sound critical, but really care about the game.

EDIT: Oh yeah, does anyone find the game frequently minimising, especially after dying? I never get this with other windowed games and they aren't forced to be on top. Something is up.

(2 edits)

Thank you for yout feedback! Many points regarding the final level were already being considered and applied for the 1.1.0 update (most likely coming this weekend)

The issue with the windowed game minimizing is intriguing, as it hasn't affected us and we haven't received any reports about it. We'll look into it.

I found out the random minimising was to do with another app on the pinboard. I must've accidentally been triggering a shortcut since I reassigned ctrl for jump.


Oi, como uso linux queria saber se vocês pretendem fazer um port ou lançar em na loja integrada com o proton que começa com S, termina com team?

Bom dia! Pretendemos lançar na outra loja sim, mas não temos previsão. Estamos trabalhando num port de Linux, mas no momento o jogo funciona apenas em Windows. Peço desculpas pelo inconveniente.

Imagina, eu que não tenho capacidade de mexer em código o bastante para conseguir fazer um wine  no lutris pra vocês, mas eu fico no aguardo muito obrigado.

(2 edits)

After finishing the game as both characters, I wanted to write out a sort of mini-review/feedback thing to show most of my thoughts about the game now that it's fully out. It may be pretty long, but I just wanted to write down my full opinions. 


I'm gonna try and Stray away from any major spoilers, in case anyone happens to scroll their eyes across the wrong section and get flash-banged by a spoiler.

Should also note that played the entire game in the 1.0.0 version, so if anything I mention got patched or fixed, do forgive me for that.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game so imma start out with things I really liked before getting into any criticisms. 

• I really love how fundamentally different the two playable characters are, even down to the way the plot plays out drastically changing at the halfway point. It really made me want to do both playthroughs to see how different the game was (although for Hazel it lead to some issues I'll get into) 

• While I can't exactly say much big praise for the Level Design, I like how it's built much like a classic sonic level is. Staying up-top is generally optimal while failing to pull off shmovement just sets you down a path that will take you longer. I say I can't praise it too much cuz I can't think of anything it does exceptionally, but since the levels are designed with multiple paths in mind, I will commend that it was executed well enough and I never encountered any frustrating levels (minus one specific exception, the final one) 

• The animations are beautiful. I'm the kind of person to attack in a game just for the sake of seeing the animation even if it's just attacking the air, and this game is no exception. 

• I like the use of 3D effects for certain visuals, really makes em pop 

• None of the characters (the ones that aren't directly related at least lol) look too similar to one another, leading to a nice varied Rogue gallery of designs for all the bosses and main cast

Now for things that are a bit iffy, but are mostly just my personal biased opinions bleeding through: 

• The music is really good, and I found a few songs sticking in my head after playing. But some of them sound a tad...too simple I guess? Something about the instrumentation feels like it's lacking something or other. Though again that's not to say any of its bad, far from it. (My favorite is the hub theme for the HQ) 

• I don't know how to describe it, but a good bit of the dialogue felt blunt, and I understand the game isn't too complex story-wise, but I found myself put off by a few scenes -particularly with Hazel later in the game- in that the dialogue felt almost like a rough-draft that was there to be re-written later. Nothing that ruined my experience enjoying the story or characters, but the lack of nuance in certain scenes make them feel like characters are speaking exposition at each  other rather than talking. I'm aware this is mostly just a personal opinion rather than a criticism, but I thought I'd still bring it up for honesty. 

But now I should bring up my true criticisms with the game

• Starting first with the character I have the least to say about, Axel. It may just be me playing him wrong, but my entire playthrough as him I constantly wished spinning into a jump kept my spin for longer than it does. After hitting an enemy, the spin goes for far longer, so it makes the short length of the spin mid-air when not activating it IN the air slightly irritating. Especially when the only visual showing that your spin is active/has I-frames and can hurt enemies is too minor when the spin animation keeps playing for the entirety of the jump. Still allowing the spin to hit enemies for the entirety of the jump while keeping the I-frames limited to that short timespan would feel far better, if I were to suggest a way of fixing the issue I've had. Other than that I have no real issue with him by himself, and I enjoying zooming around as him during my playthrough. though his ability to I-frame and block most boss attacks leads to some issues as Hazel but I'll get to that. 

• Hazel is the character I played first. I was more familiar with her type of control thanks to Gunvolt 3, so I wanted to play the character I'd adjust to the best first. That I learned was a bit of a mistake. First off, a minor complaint is that she feels...not stiff but sticky I guess? The way you have to "hold and release" the dart button to shoot them makes it feel like there's a slight input lag to firing them off. I don't know if holding down the button does anything in particular for the dart, but I'd really appreciate the option to change it to just on-buttonpress rather than on-release. It also presents the issue of being unable to quickly fire off darts. There were many points where during bosses I'd want to run away from the boss, then quickly turn around a fire a dart before turning back around. However with the way the darts work, more often than not I'd just end up firing forward rather than backward as intended. My other issue with her controls, is how whenever you perform her zip-dash thing or parry, your momentum locked in one direction and there were a good few times I'd find myself careening off a ledge cuz I couldn't change direction no matter how hard I tried particularly during the last two bosses of her campaign. (Also as a side note, I wish the zip-dash was more responsive, like canceling out certain actions with it) My final issue with her is the Karma system. It feels a little detrimental to her late-game against the games harder bosses. Against regular enemies the risk reward of the Karma mechanic works pretty well as defeating enemies heal you so taking more damage with higher Karma levels doesn't feel as damning as it is during boss fights. I do really love the idea of doing more and more damage against a boss as a glass cannon, but with the way its implemented it feels less like I'm using her zip-dash to cash in Karma and more as a panic so the boss doesn't one-shot me with an attack that has very little windup or is designed more with Axel's more generous invincibility in mind. I would love the idea of cashing in Karma with the zip-dash healing you rather than defeating enemies so it adds more reward to the risk of taking way more damage. Either that or increasing the damage of the zip-dash based on your Karma so it feels more like a punctuation to a high Karma attack spree. As right now it makes your only options in bosses to either become a glass cannon and get really good at dodging, or play extremely safely and have the boss take wayyy longer. 

• The bosses definitely feel like they were designed far more for Axel, leaving Hazel to feel WAY harder in bosses after the first 3 or 4 levels. A certain red haired flying boss (not saying any names cuz spoilers) was like, the beginning of my decline in enjoying the bosses. That boss showed me that they really didn't seem really designed for playing as her. I still have no idea how you're supposed to reliably dodge their bullet-hell attack they do at half health. You're suppose to knock them out of the air to do massive damage, but I only managed to do that only a couple of times and couldn't figure out how to do it intentionally. That boss does at least have gpod telegraphing for its attacks minus its sporatic movement at times and the dash attack. The worst boss in the game as her has to be the second to last -the rematch with you-know-who- as most of their attacks in both versions minus the one where they fly in from off screen has barely any tell or windup which got really annoying with the rematch. Their attacks also have too many projectiles at once for Hazel to reliably dodge unless I'm constantly spamming the zip-dash or parrying off of contact-damage into another zip-dash over and over. Though ironically I actually don't have as much an issue with the final boss despite it seemingly having a lot of the same issues. I do feel like they should be toned down just a tad when playing as Hazel (not as Axel he's fine) but their attacks were well telegraphed and they all felt like they had a clear way to dodge them all. 

Once again, I really enjoyed my time with the game. It was really worth loosely following its development for the past year or so. I just really wanted to give feedback on the full game and vent my issues as i feel like giving some input for the full product could help the game improve in future updates. I hope I didn't come off as too negative or anything, I wouldn't have written this if I didn't enjoy the game enough to want to see it get even better!

Please do also note I such at games alot and alot of my complaints could be pure skill issue and I'm not aware


Thank you so much for the feedback! We definitely feel the rough edges when seeing players play the game, and we intend on improving on those areas in the coming future. Maybe not *too* soon, but we're definitely analyzing as much as we can to improve player experience.

We're glad you could find enjoyment in playing the game!!

Will you be selling the soundtrack on Bandcamp when it releases on 9/22? The music in this demo impressed me as much as the incredibly fun gameplay and I'd love to listen to the tracks in isolation.

The soundtrack is **already** available on bandcamp ;D

Hello,I really enjoyed playing all three levels of this game. I especially like the art, music, and gameplay, which takes me back to 90s (I just love it!). I love the Ghost Crescent ability and how you can tag multiple enemies at once... Using this ability to traverse the environment is super cool, too. I think it would be awesome to be able to aim in all directions to provide a faster pace of gamplay, as well as implement some kind of charged attack by holding down the attack button. 

Anyways, great demo!


The full game released!

the game looks gunvolt 3 in gameplay

Such a rad game - keep it up!

It released!

awesome game i'm hyped 

It released!

This is REALLY cool!!  Can't wait to see more of this!

It released!

This looks really good. Can't wait for the release


It released!

Dayum, is there a playable demo? This looks very interesting

We're working on it! It will take a while, but we'll definetly make a huge announcement when it's out!

Awesome, I'll keep an eye on this ;)

The demo is available!